Ski Mountaineering Expedition Menu

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(Editor’s note: Anton posted tips for food planning. To follow up, here is the list of food Anton and crew took on SkiTheBig3, their multi-day backcountry ski mountaineering expedition in Alaska. All quantities listed are for one person, one serving.)

Regular breakfast (40) (720-1280cal):

  • Breakfast grain, 20, 720cal/1040cal
    • Cream of Wheat/cornmeal/couscous/hot granola/oatmeal, 300cal
    • Fruit and nut mix, 0.5 cup, 100cal
    • Borwn sugar/honey, 2 Tbsp, 120cal
    • Powdered mile, 0.75 oz, 50cal
    • Butter powder, 3 Tbsp, 150cal
    • Cinnamon, 2 tsp
    • Whole wheat English muffin, 1 muffin, 120cal
    • Nutella/peanut butter, 2 Tbsp, 200cal
  • Pancakes, 5, 1060cal
    • Krusteaz Wheat and Honey mix, 1 cup, 460 cal
    • Pre-cooked bacon 5 strips, 100cal
    • Egg crystals, 3 eggs, 180cal
    • Honey, 4 Tbsp, 120 cal
    • Cheese, 1/2 cup, 220 cal
    • Hot sauce
    • Salt/pepper
  • Scrambled eggs, 5, 1280cal
    • Egg crystals, 3 eggs, 180cal
    • Freeze dried ham, 1/3lb, 440cal
    • Freeze dried peppers, 1 cup, 40cal
    • Cheese, 1/2 cup, 220cal
    • Hot sauce
    • Salt/pepper
    • Whole wheat English muffin, 1 muffin, 120cal
    • Nutella, 2 Tbsp, 200cal
  • Breakfast burritos 5, 1120cal
    • Whole gain tortilla wrap, 2 wraps, 260cal
    • Instant hash browns, 1 cup, 240cal
    • Freeze dried beef, 1/2 lb, 440cal
    • Egg crystals, 3 eggs, 180cal
    • Shredded cheese, 1/2 cup, 220cal
    • Hot sauce
    • Salt/pepper
  • Denali sandwich
    • Whole wheat English muffin, muffins, 240cal
    • Freeze dried ham, 1/3 lb, 440cal
    • Cheese slices, 4 slices, 280cal
    • Philadelphia cream cheese, 2 packets, 140cal
    • Hot sauce
    • Salt/pepper

    Quick/Light breakfast, 5, 420-480cal

  • Quick/light breakfast, 5, 420-480cal
    • Natures Path Organic Pop Tarts, 2 pastries, 420cal
    • Instant oats packets, 3 packets, 480cal

    Snacks/Lunch 45, 2180-2930cal

  • Sweet lunch, 2180cal
    • Honey Stinger Chews, 1 bag, 160cal
    • Honey Stinger Waffle, 1 waffle, 160cal
    • Honey Stinger Bar, 1 bar, 190cal
    • Classic Trail Mix 2 cups, 1120cal
    • Cheese-it crackers 2 cups, 500cal
    • Dried mango 1 cup, 300cal
    • Chocolate covered almonds, 1/2 cup, 250cal
    • Sub-Sub-Category Two
  • Savory lunch, 2930cal
    • Honey Stinger Chews, 1 bag, 160cal
    • Honey Stinger Waffle 1 waffle, 160cal
    • Honey Stinger Bar, 1 bar, 190cal
    • Sweet Cajun Fire Trail mix, 2 cups, 1280cal
    • Wheat Thins crackers, 2 cups, 500cal
    • Dried berries, 1 up, 390cal
    • Snickers bar, 1 bar, 250cal
  • Bagel lunch, 2300cal
    • Honey Stinger Chews, 1 bag, 160cal
    • Honey Stinger Waffle, 1 waffle, 160cal
    • Honey Stinger bar, 1 bar, 190cal
    • Fruit and Nut mix, 2 cups, 1100cal
    • Whole wheat bagel, 240cal
    • Cream cheese packet, 70cal
    • Hard salami, 2 oz, 220cal
    • Reese’s Fast Break, 1 bar, 160cal

    Regular dinner, 45, 980-1960cal
    Soup with each dinner, miso, bullion cube, vegetable, other, 30 ca;

  • Indian dish, 4, 980cal
    • Couscous, 1 cup, 175cal
    • Tasty Bites, 10 oz, packet, 300cal
    • Sharp white cheddar cheese, 2.5 oz, 1/4 block, 225cal
    • Whole grain pita, 2 pita, 280cal
  • Burritos, 4, 1385cal
    • Whole grain tortilla wrap, 2 wraps, 260cal
    • Tasty bites organic brown rice, 1/2 packet, 240cal
    • Freeze dried turkey, 1/2 lb, 230cal
    • Dried refried bean, 1/2 cup, 160cal
    • Freeze dried vegetables, 1 cup, 280cal
    • Cheese, 2.5oz, 1/4 block, 225
    • Hot sauce
  • Tortellini, 4, 1830 cal
    • Whole grain pasta, 1/2 cup, 200cal
    • Dried Tortellini, 1.5 cup, 460cal
    • Tomato powder, 1 cup, 300cal
    • Freeze dried vegetables, 1 cup, 280cal
    • Freeze dried ground beef, 1/2, 440cal
    • Parmesan cheese, 1/4 cup, 150cal
  • Pizza, 4, 1500cal
    • Whole grain pizza bread or Pits, Bobili, 2 personal, 380
    • Tomato powder, 1 cup, 300cal
    • Pepperoni or sausage, 15 slices, 140cal
    • Mozzarella cheese, 2 cups, 640cal
    • Freeze dried peppers, 1 cup, 40cal
  • Quesadillas, 4, 1960cal
    • Whole grain tortilla wrap, 2 wraps, 260cal
    • Freeze dried turkey, 1/2 lb, 260cal
    • Dehydrated refried beans, 1/4 cup, 80cal
    • Freeze dried peppers, 1 cup, 40cal
    • Cheese, 3 cups, 1320cal
    • Hot sauce
  • Shepherd’s pie, 7, 1515cal
    • Idahoan garlic mashed potato flakes, 2 cup, 240cal
    • Powdered milk, 3 Tbsp, 75cal
    • Butter powder, 2 Tbsp, 100cal
    • Freeze dried ground beef, 1/2 lbb, 440cal
    • Shredded cheese, 3/4 cup, 330cal
    • Bacon bits, 2 Tbsp, 50cal
    • Freeze dried vegetables, 1 cup, 280cal
    • Hot sauce
  • Tuna mac, 4, 1335cal
    • Annie’s Whole Wheat White Cheddar Mac and Cheese, 1 box, 625cal
    • Starkist Chunk Light in Olive Oil, 1 packet, 190calFreeze dried vegetables, 1 cup, 280cal
    • Freeze dried vegetables, 1 cup, 280cal
    • Shredded cheese, 1/2 cups, 240cal
    • Hot sauce
  • Pad Thai, 4, 1200cal
    • Tasty Bite Rice Noodles, 1 packdt, 500cal
    • Freeze dried turkey, 1/2 lb, 230cal
    • Freeze dried vegetables, 1 cup, 280cal
    • Crushed peanuts, 2 Tbsp, 140cal
    • Kikkoman Pad Thai powder, 5 tsp, 50cal
    • Hot sauce
  • Curried couscous and pita, 4, 1877cal
    • Couscous, 1.5 cup, 264cal
    • Freeze dried turkey, 1/2 lb, 230 cal
    • Freeze dried vegetables, 1 cup, 280cal
    • S&B curry sauce mix 60g, 330cal
    • Raisins, 1/2 cup, 240cal
    • Cashews, 1/2 cup, 393cal
  • Thanksgiving, 7, 1465cal
    • Freeze driec turkey, 1 lb, 460cal
    • Idaho garlic mash potato flakes, 2 cups, 240cal
    • Powdered milk, 3 Tbsp, 75cal
    • Butter powder, 2 Tbsp, 100cal
    • Powdered gravy mix, 1/2 cup, 160cal
    • Instant stuffing, 1.5 cup, 340cal
    • Freeze dried green beans, 2 cups, 90cal

    Desserts, 20, 200-500cal

  • Chocolate pudding, 4
    • Jell-O pudding, 1/2 cup, 100cal
    • Crushed graham cracker, 1/2 cup, 100cal
  • Nutella tortilla, 4, 430cal
    • Whole grain tortilla wrap, 2 wraps, 130cal
    • Nutella, 2 tbsp, 200cal
    • Reese’s Pieces, 1/4 cup, 100cal
  • Cookies, 4, 250cal
  • Reese’s Pieces, 4, 250cal
  • Reese’s mini peanut butter cups, 4, 500cal


    • Coffee, real-2 containers, Starbucks Via, 150 packets
    • Tea, 100 bags
    • Hot cocoa, 100 packets
    • Emergen-C, 180 packets
    • Bottled soda, 12 pack
    • Powdered Gatorade, 51 oz


    • Whiskey
    • Tequila, lemon lime Crystal Light

    Cooking needs

    • 3-vegetable oil containers, small
    • 3-salt and pepper sets
    • 1-spice wheel
    • 3-large cinnamon containers

    Cooking equipment

    • 2-Black Diamond Mega Light cook tents
    • 1-large shovel & trash bag for snow collection
    • 2-MSR XGK stoves
    • 2-MSR Dragonfly stoves
    • 2-MSR expedition stove repair kits
    • 2-MSR fuel pumps, extra
    • 2-stove boards w/bolts for pots
    • 4-large MSR fuel bottles
    • 10-gal white gas
    • 2-Flex 4 cook systems
    • 2-Flex frying pans
    • 2-wooden spoons
    • 2-ladels
    • 2-spatulas
    • 2-large forks or mixing utensils
    • 2-cutting boards
    • 1-mini cheese grater
    • 2-scrubbers

    Food storage equipment

    • Ziplock bags
    • Sandwich bags
    • Ice bags
    • Large trash bags


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One Response to “Ski Mountaineering Expedition Menu”

  1. Aaron July 11th, 2015 5:57 am

    Just a heads up for folks thinking about using this menu as is. These portions are massive. Make sure you test portions at home before carrying it into the mountains. Shorter trips and lighter eaters will find this menu too much/heavy as is.

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