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Dawson's Guides to Colorado's Fourteeners

The complete guidebooks to Colorado's high peaks

  • Technical Routes (How to get the vertical!)
  • Snow Climbs (routes, information, photos, maps)
  • Ski & Snowboard & Telemark Descents
  • Enjoyable Alpine Hikes

These model guidebooks, written by well known Colorado mountaineer Lou Dawson, provide the information you need to enjoy Colorado's 54 famous 14,000-foot peaks, known as the "fourteeners." Concise information is packed into the how-to introductions. Each peak is covered by accurate route descriptions and maps. Some routes are hikes, some are ski routes, some technical climbing routes, and some are combinations.

What's more, these books have terrific maps, photographs with arrows and lines showing the routes, and numerous peaks lists and appendices. Both books have received rave reviews, and have been award finalists at the Banff Book Festival. In short, these are the bible of Colorado fourteeners.

To purchase a signed copy Volume 1, Northern Peaks, please shop here, or buy an un-signed copy from Amazon.com.

To purchase your signed copy of Dawson's Guide to Colorado's Fourteeners, Vol 2, please shop here, or buy an un-signed copy from Amazon.com.

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Details about Volume 1, The Northern Peaks
Details about Volume 2, The Southern Peaks

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