Letter from author Louis Dawson,
regarding Colorado High Routes
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Hello, and thanks for visiting!

Colorado High Routes, published in 1985, was my first guidebook. It covered backcountry skiing in the Vail, Aspen, Crested Butte area, and was well received. It was also the first guidebook for the 10th Mountain Huts, and the first Colorado guidebook to cover real ski mountaineering.

For reasons best left unsaid, the original publisher decided to let the book go out-of-print, and the rights to publish it have reverted back to myself and Dawson Alpine.

A new edition is now in print. The new Colorado High Routes is re-named as Dawson's Guide to Colorado Backcountry Skiing, Vol. 1, and is vastly improved. It has almost twice as many routes (for a total of about 200), and covers a greater area. What's more, the new book is the definitive guidebook for the Alfred Braun hut system and Friends Hut.

For research purposes or if you must have a copy of the original High Routes, I can supply Xerox copies for $40.00 each. Also, many libraries still have copies of the book, and you may be able to buy in on the used market. Be advised that the old High Routes contains much out-of-date information and should be only be used for historical reference or as a collector book.

I'm excited about producing the new High Routes. Click here for details!

Thanks for your patience, interest and support,

Lou Dawson