Colorado 10th Mountain Trails

Backcountry skiing guidebook10th Mountain Hut & Trail System
Official Guide - Third Edition
By Louis W. Dawson II

This out of print backcountry skiing book been replaced by an online guide:
Free 10th Mountain Huts Online Guidebook

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Colorado's magnificent backcountry, once almost inaccessible in winter, is now more open to skiers through the use of the 10th (Tenth) Mountain hut system in central Colorado. While doing "hut trips" has become a popular winter pastime, it's still a serious endeavor requiring proper skill, knowledge and equipment.

For years, Colorado 10th Mountain Trails was the official guide for the spectacular 10th Mountain Huts. In this guidebook book you'll still find timely and invaluable information for backcountry skiing:

  • Descriptions of ski and snowshoe routes to the huts, including scenic alternate routes.
  • Directions for parking and trailheads.
  • Equipment and clothing checklists.
  • Weather forecasting and navigation.
  • Safety tips.
  • Detailed reference maps.
  • Directory of key phone numbers.
  • Bibliography.
  • 225 pages.

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