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Through years of testing and product development, backcountry skiing bindings have progressed from simple cable bindings to engineered machines that represent state-of-art materials science and mechanicals. This collection of backcountry skiing bindings covers the full historical range of modern bindings.

Ramer Universal Backcountry Skiing Alpine Touring Binding

(reviewed by Louis Dawson)

Many skiers who used the Ramer Universal (circa 1980) agree it was Ramer's best offering. Low weight (26 ounces per binding!) and excellent durability of the Universal were appreciated qualities. Release was better than the Model R due to the use of steel spring bars that had a nice snappy action as the ball/socket joint actuated. This pair has been lightly modified by affixing the length adjustment slider with small brass nuts and bolts. Stock adjustment mechanism used a spring button system similar to that of the Comfort and Mt-2000 models. See the other online museum Ramer binding displays for more details.

This museum display marks the debut of our zoom/pan system for viewing binding details. Check out this binding's zoom presentation here.

Ramer MT-2000 vintage backcountry skiing binding
Ramer Universal was possibly Ramer's height of achievement. Basic but effective.The rotating heel unit was tricky but you got used to it. Click image to enlarge, and View video of heel action.
Ramer toe detail.
Detail the toe area. Lateral (side) release works the same as all other Ramer models, see other models for video of how release works. Click image to enlarge.


Weight:26 oz, 728 g (one binding, with screws)

These bindings were donated to the collection by Rod Garcia. Thanks Rod! But that's not all about the origins. These are the bindings I was using when I almost got killed in 1982 by an avalanche. I gave Rod a good deal on them, and years later he was still holding on to the old dinosaurs. Now they're back home. Perhaps I should take 'em out for a spin.





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